Privacy Policy

Encrypted data transmission

Our domain uses an SSL-certificate. This means that the data transfer between web server and browser takes place in an encrypted way on the basis of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).


Webserver logs

Wen you visit our website the following data are automatically stored in a protocol file on the web server (computer that provides this website):

address of the accessed website (URL)
exact time of the page view 
amount of the sent data in byte 
source (link) from where the website was accessed
Operating system
IP-address (anonymous form) 
The assessed data are stored for 30 days, in order to be accessible in case of malfunction or illegal use.



First of all: Under no circumstances personal data are stored. We only place a cookie necessary for the operation of the content management system:

CRAFT_CSFR _TOKEN stores a digital key (Token) as protection from attacks through form submissions or page views with AJAX (applies to 1 session)

In case you have any questions regarding privacy policy and rights, please contact The correspondence will be kept confidential and deleted after a reasonable period of time. 

September 2023