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The Superscape is awarded every two years to innovative and visionary architectural concepts. It focuses on the interaction of private living space with urban contexts, viewed from an interdisciplinary perspective. Impulse lectures and discussion rounds create a forum for discourse and sharpen the interested public’s awareness for the interaction of architecture and urban planning. Given its long-term perspective, Superscape generates a creative free space for unconventional ideas, delivering impulses to real architecture and urban development. The changing spectrum of needs regarding cities and living spaces necessitate fundamental changes in our understanding of urban fabrics and the architectural framework for urbanity.

JP Immobilien


JP Immobilien develops not only living spaces, but living environments. Therefore, it strives to support social, cultural and environment-related issues as part of its corporate responsibility. Since architecture and urban planning always also interfere with the social environment, it is important to JP Immobilien to make a lasting contribution to the tension-filled field of architecture, its protagonists, inhabitants and designers. Thus, Superscape focuses mainly on creating a long-term workshop of ideas, providing visionary concepts that deliver impulses for today’s projects.

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