Superscape 2022

Population growth, increasing urbanisation and social change pose new challenges for architecture and urban planning. Reflecting these processes of change, Superscape opens a creative space for unconventional ideas meant to deliver new impulses to real-life architectural output and urban development. The biennial prize seeks to encourage innovative and visionary architectural concepts that explore new models of living and strategies for inhabiting an urban context over a broad expanse of 30 years.



JP Immobilien

Lehárgasse 7, A-1060 Wien


WBV-GPA, Wohnbauvereinigung für Privatangestellte

Werdertorgasse 9, A-1013 Wien

Motivation of the Organisers

Since the last issue of Superscape, the prize has been offered as a joint project of the private developer JP Immobilien and the non-profit developer WBV-GPA Wohnbauvereinigung für Privatangestellte. Both are developing not only residential areas, but also living spaces. As such, they are keen to support social, cultural and environmental concerns as part of their corporate responsibility. Since architecture and urban planning always intervene in the social environment, it is important to contribute to a sustainable discourse in the field of tension between architecture, its actors, residents and designers. Thus, Superscape mainly focuses on establishing a long-term workshop of ideas and providing visionary concepts that deliver impulses for today’s projects.



Additional prize by the Vienna Business Agency

Private Coaching

From all Superscape submissions from Vienna, the jury, together with the Vienna Business Agency, will select one project that will subsequently be given a private coaching focussing on the field of creative industries. The Vienna Business Agency is a strong partner of the urban creative scene, among others within the field of fashion, design, art market, gaming, music and architecture and is collaborating with renowned experts and coaches.

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